Model number: MHT - 12

Name: automatic continuous pulping system

Dimensions: 5,500 * 1,200 * 2000mm

Production capacity: 8T/h (soy milk)

Rated voltage: 3N-380V

Control voltage: 220V

Rated power: 2.2kW

Used in large soybean production line cooking pulp system, continuous supply of cooked milk. The whole machine is controlled by PLC and operated by visual touch screen. The sensor can sense the temperature of each slurry barrel and adjust the amount of soybean milk automatically. The posterior muffle tank ensures the proper thermal degeneration of soy protein.

The boiler is completely closed to prevent the steam from permeating the environment and saving energy. Raw slurry with variable frequency rotor pump control flow, and steam mixing in the process of flow, different zones set up different heating requirements, small double insulation design of tank can greatly save heat energy, improve the heating speed, effectively reduce the noise. Each can has a sensor thermometer indicating the current temperature, easy to operate. This machine is equipped with CIP automatic cleaning device

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