Fully automatic bean dry production line

Model: MHT - Z - 6

Voltage: 380 v

18 kw power:

Production: 800 kg/h

Automatic production line for bean curd can soya-bean milk by automatic continuous solidification point pulp into the brain, and according to different type of bean curd adopt corresponding way of coagulation, broken brain, pouring the pea brain equivalent uniform distribution, preloading through the crib, conveying system, and then transferred to squeeze the rotary compressor, finally back plate discharging.

This production line to realize man-machine dialogue by touch, according to the technological characteristic of the product required by the corresponding set concreting soya-bean milk supply, injection rate and solidification time, pressing time, pressure, pressing method, such as size, then the bean curd thickness, weight and water content under effective control.

Due to the unique technology of this production line, the pressed bean curd can meet the different water content requirements of tea stem, bean curd billet, leisure bean curd, oil bean curd billet, etc. In order to meet the needs of the process of this production line, in the light of the node control technology used in power and pressure synchronous with technology, ensures that each batch of the bean curd moisture content, thickness and weight of consistency, the product has good toughness, high production rate; And use frequency conversion technology to reduce energy consumption effectively.

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