Name: heating groove

Size: 2700 * 860 * 860 mm / 2700 x 1350 x 1600 mm

Power: 1.5 KW

This series of equipment is widely used for the determination and sterilization of soybean products. Made of stainless steel, single double row and single double layer can be adopted depending on the production. Two layers of stainless steel plate are used in the design tank and ice tank, and the middle layer is filled with advanced insulation material. The cold water tank can be made into single layer, double column, double layer and four column according to the production capacity. Low noise, easy installation, large output, energy saving, long product quality, easy to clean. All adopt manual, automatic and other features. It is widely used in export heating and cooling of soybean products factory. At the same time can be customized according to customer requirements.

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